Room studio now with new, additional rooms

In Nordceram’s digital room studio there are now even more examples of rooms to choose from.

The room studios offer customers the opportunity to virtually lay tiles in sample rooms and thus to gain an impression of how the tiles will look in the room and the ambience they will create. Individual photos can also be uploaded in the system in order to view the latest collections in one’s own bathroom for example. In this way, the customer is able to lay and compare the tiles to their heart’s content – around the clock in the comfort of their own home. Using the info icon on the right-hand side of the screen, information about the selected tiles can be printed out and then shown to one’s dealer.

Why not try it out for yourself! – Nordceram room studio


Die neuen Serien 2019
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With 06 Mono and Hoy, NordCeram will be launching two new series in the coming year that have been finished using the “rocker” digital ...


Broschüre: Tecno
Kollektion 2018

With Tecno Stone, Tecno Score and Tecno Docks, the collection brings together the three Tecno series previously available under the NordCeram brand.


"Starke Wirtschaft.
Starkes Land."

As part of the Strong Economy, Strong Country project, the mayor, Dr Carsten Sieling, visited NordCeram on 8 March, 2018: “NordCeram’s innovative power is very impressive.