15. - 16.02.2018

The Tecno collection at the Trauco in-house exhibition

With its impressive formats 120x120 and 60x120, Tecno Docks was the main eye-catcher on the NordCeram stand. This floor tile is the third series in the Tecno collection, which was presented at the Trauco in-house exhibition in Großefehn. The 10-item collection is designed primarily for architectural complexes and has a whole range of formats and colour schemes.

The other NordCeram series, for example the innovative Klint tile, also received a great deal of attention on the approximately 40 square metre stand.


Die neuen Serien 2019
hier entdecken

With 06 Mono and Hoy, NordCeram will be launching two new series in the coming year that have been finished using the “rocker” digital ...


Raumstudio mit
neuen Räumen

In Nordceram’s digital room studio there are now even more examples of rooms to choose from.


Broschüre: Tecno
Kollektion 2018

With Tecno Stone, Tecno Score and Tecno Docks, the collection brings together the three Tecno series previously available under the NordCeram brand.