Baltimore - At home with every style of living

The home is the true heart of one’s life and a safe haven; it is the place where you are able to express your individuality. Personal objects, the decor and the furnishings tell the story of the lifestyle and living habits of the inhabitants. The floor and wall coverings play a key role here: they provide the framework in which creative freedom is able to flourish.

Grey, greige, anthracite or beige: Baltimore provides a discreet basis for all types and styles of living in four understated colours.
The stonelike effect, interspersed with fine veins, creates a natural, layered look that blends effortlessly into any room.

The series Baltimore

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Kerbon wins RedDot
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We have won!

The jury of the RedDot Award has honoured the best products of the year. Kerbon has won twice.