Context: Through patina to more vividness and authenticity

Aged materials have their own special charm. Because items with visible traces of the passage of time have a unique character and provide a projection surface for individual stories. Authenticity comes first, no matter whether they are originals or something that plays with the special look of the old. This also applies to materials that design living spaces. The patina of the used and the special flair of the imperfect radiate vitality. This very individual atmosphere can alternate between security, style-conscious strength of character and carefree optimism.

The Kontext series forms the ideal alliance for numerous design ideas, each with its own enchanting worn effect. The porcelain gres tile has the appearance of old stone that was laid long ago.

To the Kontext series

The series Kontext in the Room Studio


The benefits of 8mm
porcelain stoneware

For the Steuler Fliesengruppe, sustainability is not just a lip service! For this reason, we have decided to produce our products with a thickness of 8 mm.


Advantage: Ceramics

Everyone is now aware that tiles, unlike other floor coverings, are extremely healthy for living and environmentally friendly.



As a German manufacturer, we are there for you! The corona pandemic is currently affecting neither our production nor the availability of goods.