Klif: Unique and unaltered like natural stone

Living naturally means turning to sustainable products, moving away from overly artificial looking products and rediscovering the wide variety of colours, textures and patterns that nature offers. Just how great this variety is is demonstrated by the topic of stone, because hardly any other material is visually so versatile.

Inspired by this, the new Klif series was created. Like its role model, natural stone, the Klif series is extremely robust and easy to care for and is equally impressive in terms of individuality. In addition, each individual tile consists predominantly of local raw materials, is produced in Germany in an environmentally friendly way, and is recyclable. This, incidentally, also applies to all Nordceram products.

To the Klif series

The Klif series in the room studio


XXL-Fliesen in 6 mm

Is it true that large tiles are not for small rooms? This rumour has been around for years, even when 25 x 33 was still a large format.


Floor trend wood tiles - advantages
of ceramic wood optics

Porcelain stoneware tiles in wood look are timelessly beautiful and create a high-quality living ambience.


Ceramic tiles - Healthy indoor
air and pleasant climate

Good indoor air has a major impact on our health and quality of life. For this reason the right choice of floor covering is essential.